Blue Danube Collectible China

Welcome to BLUE DANUBE COLLECTIBLE CHINA.  The famous Blue Danube pattern was made in Japan on a porcelain body and was originally exclusive to Lipper International Inc of New York.

Please visit us at Showcase I-44 at Relics. Our collection of over 200 pieces, is a cherished collection that a daughter inherited from her father.  She desires this amazing collection to find a home with someone who would love and cherish this collectible China, as her father did.

The whole collection is not able to fit in the showcase, so we have more items of this collection not shown (see list below of those items).  Please contact the Relics staff to inquire about these items or to make an offer on the entire collection.

Blue Danube SC. 6Blue Danube SC. 2Blue Danube SC. 5Blue Danube SC. 3Blue Danube SC. 7

We have more items NOT listed in the showcase!

Below is a list of other Blue Danube Collectible China pieces we have available (not in showcase).  If you are interested in these items, or to make an offer on the collection, please contact the Relics staff for more information.

Salt and pepper Shaker (2 sets) Tripod cups (set of 4) Relish Dish
Chop plate (2) Footed  12 ½ inch serving tray Footed  12 ½ inch serving tray
1 soap dish 3 tier serving tray Jam Set with Saucer & Spoon
Soup mugs (3 sets of 4) 1 piece candle stand Candle Stand (3)
Candle holder (set of 2) Kitchen Canisters (3 sets of 3) Kitchen Canisters (3 sets of 3)
Demitasse cups with saucers (set of 6) Tea Pot Saucers (3)
Cotton ball jar (3) Tea cups with saucer (set of 6) Chinese soup spoons (set of 6)
Toothbrush holder (2) Cake Knife Chinese soup bowls (set of 8)
10 Cereal Bowls Salt Box Pie Plate (2)
2-Piece Juicer Square Ash Tray Sugar and Creamer Set (4)
Open Salt & Pepper Dish Sugar & Creamer Set for Handled Tray Candle Stick Holder (Set of 2)
Small Ash Tray (8 sets of 4) Large Fork and Spoon Coasters (2 sets of 4)
Desert plates, 6 ½ inch (set of 8) Cheese Tray (3) Soap Dish (2)
Round Serving Bowl (2) Hot Plate (2 sets of 3) Large Sugar Bowl
Reticulated Cake Stand Cake Stand, 10 inch Handled Tray
Large Kitchen Bowls (2) Medium Kitchen bowls (2) Bowls, 8 inch (set of 6)
Cereal bowls (set of 8) Small bowls (set of 6) Medium bowls (set of 6)