Plaster Paint

We will be having our first BYOP (bring your own piece) Plaster Paint Class at Relics!   Please click on the link to find out more about it or join!!


The Junk Addicts are all stocked up with Plaster Paint!  We have added three new colors this week!  Fireside, Java, and Scarlet..and we have added White and Black Glazes along with Ageing Wax!  All colors, glazes, and waxes are in stock!   We also offer beginner Plaster Paint classes at least once a month, and there is  a sign up sheet in side our booth.  Check us out on facebook @ The Junk Addicts!  You can also email us at if you need anything! relics012715

Plaster Paint eliminates the need to sand, strip or prime and the plaster effect also hides small imperfections like water stains and small cracks. You can create a “shabby” look or age your project to perfection with a light sanding or a damp sponge and after applying our famous Plaster Paint Paste Wax you will have a durable fine furniture finish!