This Vintage Grove

Welcome to the dealer page of booth #2450.

I have three different booths at Relics.  One booth is an endcap located on the west side of Relics, halfway between the front and back of the store ~ Booth P-36.  You can identify it easily because it has a large “CC” at the top, along with a burlap backdrop and bunting.  The second space is also on the west side of the mall.  It is the last booth on aisle D on the right side ~ Booth D-22.  My newest booth is right by my endcap on aisle CC….CC-38!

I stock an assortment of items, ranging from afghans, glassware, and luggage to vintage clothing and housewares.  I come in multiple times a week to make sure all of the booths are in order, as well as add items when needed.  The newest space (CC-38) may also have furniture, on occasion!

You can keep track of items added by following This Vintage Grove on FacebookInstagram, or my blog!