Treasures for You

Welcome to “Treasures for You” where you’ll find everything from Treasures from the past to Treasures from the present.  We’re located on the east side of row “L” toward the front of the building.  Every now and again we mark items down, so keep an eye out if there’s something you’ve been thinking about purchasing.  Our inventory changes regularly and we’ve just brought some seasonal fall items in, in celebration of the cooler weather.  Whether you’re shopping for something you need or something you love, make sure you stop by “Treasures for You” on your next trip to Relics Antique Mall and see what new things we have for you.

At “Treasures for You” you’ll almost always find a few books, because my mom and I LOVE books.  But it doesn’t stop there.  I have a dad, husband and twin teenage boys, so you’ll also find fun boy stuff here too.  My mom and I love to shop and we hope you will enjoy visiting our booth every time you come to Relics Antique Mall.

Kathy and Sue


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